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About the project

«Qazaqstan óneri» – the art of living, appreciating and enjoying moments!

«RAKHAT»® jointly with «Art Future» company present a unique project «Rakhat Qazaqstan óneri» the purpose of which is to make you familiar with a rich modern culture of Kazakhstan, inspire the study of Kazakhstan culture and unique artistic style.

Our target is to support the cultural development of our country and Kazakhstan talents.

We present you a series of «RAKHAT»® decorated products. Each author has his own unique style, vision and aesthetics. They are also distinguished by age and experience. Despite this, they are nevertheless united by a common goal – the search for harmony, forms of expression, the history and culture of Kazakhstan in a modern interpretation.

About the project

A set of unique candies. The gift set includes premium candies with truffle filling, the sweetest nut praline, marmalade in chocolate glaze and creme brulee in white glaze.

The flavour of each candy will give bright unforgettable moments of pleasure and will make you feel your day as a holiday.

Picturesque packaging gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the paintings of Kazakhstan artists on the spot.

Set of chocolate candies «Pozdravlyau!»

A set of incredibly delicious chocolates with fondant fillings will surely make you feel the spirit of holiday and will be a great addition to any dastarkhan.

Unusual packaging gives a feeling of comfort, warmth and Kazakhstan local charm.

Set of chocolate candies «Kuttyktaimyz!»

A small set of deliciouschocolates with a filling. A variety of flavours will give you vivid emotions of joy.

The illustrated packaging will make you plunge into the world of modern Kazakhstan art.

Set of chocolate candies «Randevu»

Favorite «Kazakhstanskiy» bar chocolate, well known for its quality and unique flavour for several generations.

The decoration of each package will make you to become familiar with a rich modern art culture of Kazakhstan.

Favorite «Kazakhstanskiy» chocolate

Askar Esdaulet

is a member of the Union of Artists, a well-known Kazakhstan sculptor and painter whose paintings were set to show at international and local exhibitions. 

The master’s canvases «Mlechnyi put», «Stepnye» will decorate the gift sets under the brands «Pozdravlyau» and «Randevu», while «Avgust» painting will be reproduced on «Kazakhstanskiy» chocolate bar.

Erzhan Tanay

is the author of famous street art portraits of Abay Kunanbayev on building faces in Pavlodar and Kostanay, he will present the covers with his digital paintings «Prazdnik» and «Mozaika» to Rakhat’s products.

Created in 2019, these paintings were transferred to monumental murals in various cities of Kazakhstan.

Galiya and Bota Kusainovas

(GaBo sisters) will share their «Prazdnichnyi dartarkhan» and «Schastlivaya semya» paintings for «Kuttyktaimyz!» set of chocolate candies.

Many Kazakhstan people recognize the style of sisters, which is often found at the Republican biennale, festivals, exhibitions, as well as on the copyright shawls of the GaBo duo. Sisters masterfully use various techniques in creating their works, the main theme of which is the traditions of Kazakhstan.

Orazbek Yesenbayev

is a graphic artist and painter, member of the Union of Artists, ideological inspirer of young artists, gained the fame thanks to the author’s technique «ballpoint pen on silk fabric».

The «Tri urovnya» painting, in the reproduction on «Kazakhstanskiy» chocolate bar, describes the traditional way of life, pointing out the cycle of transfer of values ​​in Kazakh culture. In an elongated, vertical canvas format, the artist masterfully conveys the shape of a circle – a yurt, arranging people and household items at different levels of significance.

The picture was set to show at «Troinaya pamyat» solo exhibition in «Esentai Gallery» in 2019.

Arystanbek Shalbayev

is a well-known Kazakhstan artist, the member of the legendary art group «Kyzyl Tractor». The triptych «Chingiskhan» by Shalbaev’s authorship will effectively decorate «Kazakhstanskiy» chocolate.

The painting was set to show at international exhibitions, including the retrospective exhibition «Collection of Thoughts: Making up the stories» in New York, November 2018.

Kazakhbay Azhibekuly

is a well-known artist, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Union of Artists, presents the work «Devushka v chalme». His painting is distinguished by large strokes and bright colors.